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          Marking primary and secondary schools network applications

              How can students in the college entrance examination to avoid unnecessary mistakes of Tiantu? How can students in the normal course of simulated tests and training in proper answer Tiantu card good habits? How can students in the examinations to focus on the answer? How to enable students to answer their queries to the content of the image, do a pretty good idea?
              How teachers from the unnecessary duplication of manual labor papers liberate? Marking the teachers how to improve the speed and efficiency? The quality of teaching teachers how to assess and quantify?
              School leaders also how to grasp the macro-level schools as a whole, clearly every year, the overall situation in each class? How fast and accurate statistical analysis of test scores?

          Wencui Standardized intellignet System for Examining Test Papers, you will be able to resolve these questions

              Wencui Standardized intellignet System for Examining Test Papers for all levels of schools and education tailored design of a new generation of on-line computer scoring system, the traditional pen and paper test administration to resolve difficult issues, with the use of simple, cost-effective high. The examination marking system features include:

          1. Questions the objective recognition score
          2. Subjective questions online marking
          3.  More scientific assessment mechanism to control the error to ensure fairness, impartiality
          4. Answer Sheet designed to produce
          5. Printing bar codes
          6. Test results of the statistical analysis
          7. Answer Sheet high-speed scanning

              Wencui Standardized intellignet System for Examining Test Papers has been a very mature technology, has been successful in dozens of cities in Guangxi by the beginning of high school, including secondary school in Guilin, Guangxi Normal University High School Affiliated to the second, Zhongshan School of Guilin, Guilin Yat-Sen Secondary School Guilin fifth of secondary schools, secondary schools and so on Qinzhou City in the first, mainly on the use of the school year students of Duankao, final examination and other tests, systematic assessment of the school year, teaching various subjects of the results. The enthusiastic response in all schools, reflecting the use of standardized tests Wencui intelligent marking system, so many students in the examination of the normal training college entrance examination has also been realistic simulation training, made up of students scored in general. So Wencui standardized intelligence test marking system at school has a very broad use of space.

          Wencui Standardized intellignet System for Examining Test Papers in the school's typical application

          (A) of the school routine examination

              At present, the vast majority of the schools or the use of traditional hand-scoring ways, the students received only the final test scores, school, grade group, the group has been the subject test scores to sort the data only, with an average grade of simple data. Wencui use of standardized intelligence tests marking the system can achieve the process of marking the entire process of automated data management, access to high-school, low-cost and accurate pen and paper test, "the entire sample," all of the data

          1、School performance report
          2、Class reports
          3、Student reports
          4、An average of various subjects, such as statements of the analysis of the error rate

          (二)In the college entrance examination before the adaptive training

              In the annual college entrance examination, schools are candidates for the examination to make every effort to create a good learning environment and test training to adapt to the environment, the examination of the process of subjective and objective answer questions, candidates need to learn not only the normal level of play, as well as the objective requirements of Title Answer Sheet Tiantu reasonable answer, to avoid losing a lot of non-academic. Subjective questions to answer in the course of training, to avoid losing a lot of non-normative answer, in many schools, the lack of candidates in accordance with the standard answer sheet to answer in training, even if some schools in a simulated test using a special entrance examination of the answer sheet, but Can not fully simulate the environment in the college entrance examination papers, candidates can not answer the quality and timely assessment of the inspection. Objective answer questions the quality of candidates is to avoid unnecessary Diufen key. It is necessary to Lin Kao candidates before the computer simulation test of subjective and objective scoring title of the training. Wencui standardized intelligence test marking system can be cost-effective to achieve the college entrance exam marking training environment.

              Guilin Wencui software is designed to provide school exam marking technology services company, for the Department of Education, schools and in college entrance examination paper marking the same hardware, software and services for the planning conditions.

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