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          OCR SDK Industry Application

          OCR technology:

          1) Office automation in the Chinese auto-import documentation, the Chinese version of the compressed image storage, transmission.

          2) Automatic book reader, the blind reader.

          3) Digital Library building, digital archives, the establishment of Chinese literature archives. ﹑ Magazine ﹑ press books such as black-and-white color digital print and electronic publishing, publications, information on the importation of second edition.

          4) License plate recognition system. Were used: traffic police for speeding and red light running license plate recognition, highway fees.

          5) Identification card, which is a method used to identify high-performance card will be part of the identification and recognition will be based on the results of a particular application to manage the system can be used for administrative units, factories and enterprises, such as banks, such as: Attendance Management (instead of time cards ), In his capacity as quickly confirm (Access Control System), banks and other units of the rapid entry card numbers.

          6) Identification and zip code sorting. Prior to that, because of hand-written character recognition rate is not high, the identification and sorting postal code has not been widely used.

          7) Assessment papers to the system. Prior to that, because of hand-written character recognition rate is not high, the papers did not comment to be widely used.

          8) Chinese digital books. Those who were the subject of a study often take three or four months to collect data, but not yet grasp the recall. Digital books, the use of digital books can be retrieved in an instant, and then spend some time confirmed that the copy can be immediately put new research and write papers, research significantly improve the efficiency, but also for the content of the ancient mining is the depth and breadth of In the past manual approach can not be compared.

          9) The full text of intelligent information management system, multimedia applications, the automatic translation system.




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