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          SMEs Information Integration

          Information integration solutions for small and medium enterprises

             With the arrival of the information age, business information technology has changed the way business and communicate with the outside world and office mode, but also improve the internal efficiency of the office of the principal means. For any enterprise software, the Internet to build their own Web site above, the enterprise group e-mail, FTP server and other business systems, enterprise network platform, the traditional general practice:
              1、InTo the carriers, where the monthly cost several thousand dollars to several million yuan to rent a data line, and then spent tens of thousands of dollars to purchase a number of its own servers, and requested the professional to carry out the construction and maintenance;
              2、To buy or to rent their own servers, telecommunications operators by the host;
              3、Rental of the virtual server space.
              Inside the above-mentioned methods for enterprises, the first way is the best, as easy to administer, safe, the shortcomings of the investment is too great, the need for professional technical team to maintain most small and medium enterprises so difficult to carry out the enormous and sustained Inputs; after two ways to lower costs than the former, but in addition to the purchase of equipment, servers, operating systems, application software, such as cost, the same annual professional technicians to maintain and operate a few thousand dollars to several million of rental charges.
             From the current perspective, China's software industry is not a lot of large-scale enterprises, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, the relatively large-scale enterprises, information technology network in terms of personnel, management, cash flow and other resources are obvious gaps. SMEs access to information technology on the road, in meeting the needs of the premise, it is necessary to solve the "money", but also as far as possible for SMEs to address the lack of professionals, as well as management. Wencui Web services platform is based on this idea, with "peace of mind for small and medium enterprises to provide a package of IT services" to the idea of products, time-consuming for small and medium enterprises to create three well-innovation of a product.
             Embedded era is coming! ! The less practical and efficient program was born! ! Embedded systems will be able to double your business to save costs, expand your business opportunities and efficient information technology, "embedded" software system is the software industry in the 21st century is an important direction of development. "Embedded" is the future!



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