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          Wencui Intalligent Marking Software

              Wencui standardized intelligence test marking system is a fast intelligent grading system, which is based on image processing and pattern recognition products, high-tech information technology will be applied to traditional education, reform of the examination, to achieve the objective of the title automatically marking machines, Educational Testing achieved in the process of marking the scientific control marking error, marking a reduction of intermediate links and increase the scoring efforts of secrecy, so as to achieve fair and impartial manner, which not only improves the efficiency of marking, but also greatly enhanced A manual on the monitoring efforts have greatly reduced the marking errors. As the paper using ordinary paper, so to a large extent, the lower the test cost.

          Products contains: Wencui Intelligent Marking Software(software); High Speed Scanner (hardware).
          ★Characteristics of system
          Versatility: Support SCSI、USB connections, convenient to connect all kinds of hardware.
          Simple Operation: Convenient to scan, fast to examine test papers.
          Excellent in Quality and Reasonable in Price: Lower costs for bar-code and answer sheets by using ordinary paper; supportting 21 kinds of unidimensional bar-code recognition and setup including Code 39/128/93, EAN-8/13 with advanced technology.
          Efficiency: diversified results, more convenient to count up and analyze, more possibilities to promote technologies.
          ★Performance Standards
          Paper requirements: ≥ordinary paper without any spaecial print.
          Scanning speed: ≥25p/sec. (depends on scanner)
          Speed of examining test papers: In the PC of P1.2G/memory over 256M, A4 paper, ≥60p/sec.
          Image standards: 200dpi,single color or gradation.
          Error rate: One of ten thousand
          Environment: Windows 9x/2000/XP
          Tel:0773-5817909      Mail: