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          Wencui EmbeddedServer

              Wencui server embedded multi-task real-time embedded Linux software technology, and after a lot of selection and optimization of the set of websites (Web SERVER), mail / post office services (Mail SERVER), document upload / download service ( FTP SERVER), the database server (Mysql), the dynamic allocation of IP services (DHCP Server), firewall (Firewall), an integrated information-based business applications, and other functions, is a simple installation, high stability, easy maintenance, low investment The integration of small and medium enterprises intelligent network server.

          Has the following main characteristics of the four:
          1、Their own intellectual property rights, the company many years of development experience.
          2、A general account.After years of research and development company, so you only need to maintain and manage a set of accounts, passwords.
          3、Domestic cost-effective firewall(professional-grade firewall), civilian-level price.
          4、In order to the successful completion of this work, we must first of all a tool to improve efficiency--Full of tap the bandwidth for you.

          Technical superiority
          1、Advanced Micro Devices power 3W, 7AH battery can be maintained for more than 12 hours of work, not afraid of power, refused to expensive high-power UPS;
          2、Data Security - Embedded Linux structure, preserve the core chip, anti-virus, anti-attack, web application stability;
          3、Quick Start--10 seconds to start, a reset button, maintenance-free installation, network management professionals need to maintain pressure on the sharply reduced;
          4、Anti-theft security--pocket-sized compact, the heat is not easily put into the safe. No special room, and iron anti-theft alarm;
          5、E-mail relay--the first national, independent innovation of e-mail to send and receive e-mail relay function to ensure the efficient and stable;
          6、Through the firewall for security protection, Internet behavior management control, spam filtering and so on;
          7、The deployment of the company's Web site and blog online forum for the exchange;
          8、The deployment of FTP, Network Places, the realization of file-sharing, remote download;
          9、The deployment of enterprise e-mail server, the enterprise to send and receive e-mail;
          10、Scalable deployment of other enterprise applications, such as OA, CRM, and so on;

          Application software:

          1、Web site services (Web SERVER). So that you can have their own portal;
          2、E-post service (Mail SERVER). Allows you to set up their own domain name suffixes to the post office, through POP3, SMTP, and other ways to send and receive e-mail;
          3、Network Neighborhood Services (Smb SERVER). You can let the Windows Network Neighborhood easy access to embedded host of file-sharing;
          4、Upload/download service (FTP SERVER). So that you can upload embedded host, download files;
          5、Agency services (Socks5/Proxy SERVER). You can allow agents to provide services to other machines on the Internet;
          6、VPN services. Achieve in the external network (Internet) on the corporate network securely access internal network resources;
          7、Firewall Services (Firewall). Let your network is no longer worried about attacks on the network and control, optimizing speed broadband network;
          8、Version of the software source code control services (CVS SERVER). For the production of the company's software development team of software tools;
          9、Dynamic allocation of IP services (DHCP SERVER);
          10、Domain Name Service (DNS SERVER), cached domain name service (DNS CACHE). And to be able to achieve inside and outside the network of different analytical results, with significantly optimize the speed of network access server;
          11、Mysql database services. Can be used to expand the deployment of other enterprise applications, such as OA, CRM, and so on;
          12、PHP services. Can be used to expand the deployment of other enterprise applications, such as OA, CRM, and so on.

          Application results

          Internet monitoring behavior, rational utilization of network resources
              On the Internet to browse, send and receive e-mail, QQ / MSN chat, BT, such as eDonkey and Thunder P2P download, download the file type, bandwidth management, traffic analysis, real-time traffic statistics, the number of conversation statistics, network monitoring and log export and other network Application development of the basic network access policies, regulate the Internet, the rational use of network resources;

          Network security protection to prevent the virus from hacking
              Network hackers, viruses, malicious Trojan horse, and other events for effective protection, network environment clean, safe and stable operation of the network.

          File sharing, FTP file transfer, efficient management of company documents 
              Construction of enterprise file server, the distribution of each document boxes, back-up documentation in a timely manner to prevent computer failures led to the loss of documents. At the same time, long-distance calls can file at any time, the use of file-sharing, and so increase the efficiency as well as the adoption of rights management to prevent the disclosure of documents.

          Automatic data backup to ensure data security
              Efficient mechanism for data security, data will automatically back up from time to time, can also be customized to restore the data to avoid any possible mistakes.

          The establishment of high-security e-mail server, the communication more efficient
              Construction of enterprise e-mail servers, each independent distribution of mail in a timely manner internal and external communication. Based on the embedded system platform, secure and reliable e-mail services, online anti-spam, anti-virus, making the company more secure messaging, and who bring their own company name suffixes, more professional norms.

          Easy to operate and maintain a small amount of worry
              Remote web management interface, with the application of operation accustomed to the logic is simple, even if non-professionals can start light configuration management. And the use of embedded Linux systems, stable and reliable, not the general failure to maintain a minimum risk.

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