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          Wencui OCR SDK
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              OCR Pro, OCR is the full name of the optical character recognition technology (Optical Character Recognition, referred to as OCR). I am the company's print character recognition system to identify or exceeds the rate of 99.5%. This is the unit for organs, enterprises and text input needs of individuals in day-to-day work, quick on the books, newspapers, public documents, such as the promotion page manuscripts printed in the content of the entry applications and launched.

              OCR SDK version, OCR SDK is a secondary development of optical character recognition package (Optical Character Recognition Software Develop Kit, referred to as OCR SDK). OCR SDK for the use of other Chinese character recognition program provides a programming interface. It provides standard Windows way Dll call, the user can call a function of Dll in the SDK in Chinese character recognition function, the realization of system integration. Output: Chinese characters, the candidate word recognition rate, BMP, and other parameters of the coordinates. The accuracy rate of 99.5%.
          ★The Summary of Technology and Quality
          Speed of Recognition: 4 or 6 sec./A4 p. in the PIII PC with 1.2Gprocessor and 256M memory.
          Recognition of Character:

          Fully automatic recognition of more than a hundred types of simplified Chinese Character---imitate Song(fang song), Song typeface(song), regular script(kai), Bold(hei), Yuan typeface(yuan), official script(li) ect., and blending English, figure and pictures together.

          Rate of accuracy in single character's recognition: Chinses Character in print≥99%.
          Rate of accuracy in association recognition:

          Chinses Character in print≥99.6%

          Supporting form of document: BMP,TIF,TIFF,JPG,JPEG,PCX,TGA,DIB,EMF,WMF.
          Supporting form of document: TXT、RTF。
          Recognition requirements:

          The printing materials with bigger than Num.5 typeface can choose the scanning resolution over 300dpi, and the smaller the typeface is, the better resolution needed.

          Other functions: Other functions£oautomatical correcting the inclination, eliminating assigned color,remaining of assigned color, gradation processing etc.
          Hardware support: Ordinary scanner, scanner for visiting card, Line-by-line scanning pen, digital camera, cell phone with digital camera etc.
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