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          About Wencui
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          About Wencui

              Wencui Software Development CO., LTD. is a high-tech company in the artificial intelligence field, which is established in 2004 and situated in Guilin. Guilin is a famous international tourist city. The founder and CEO is Jinshan Wen, who graduated from Guilin Institute of Technology, and was awarded the title of the First Session of Ten Outstanding College Students in Guangxi Province, and the JianHao scholarships conferred by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. He also won the second prize of the National Computer Contest and the second prize of the National College Student Challenge Cup. His books has been published by Beihang University Press and Publishing House of Electronics Industry. Our company has Develop Products Dep, Technical Support Dep, Explore Market Dep, and Human Resources Dep, etc.. More than 90% of corporate employees at least have the undergraduate academic credentials. Wencui Software is a young group full of vigour with high quality,which works for many customers whole-heartedly. Wencui Software from Guilin serves the whole China.
              Researching fields: OCR(Optical Character Recognition), OBR(Bar-code Recognition), OMR(Optical Mark Reader), Fingerprint Recognition, Image/Video Recognition, Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, and other Artificial Intelligent projects.
              Development System: Network Integration/Network Security, Intelligent Marking Software, Services for Message Gateway/Increasing Value, Audio Phone/Fax, Video Intelligent Monitor/Compression, OA System of department-store, etc.

          Telú║0773-5817909      Mailú║