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          Wencui OCR/SDK

          Wencui Embeded Server

          Wencui Intelligent Marking Software

          Wencui Educational System

          Name Wencui OCR SDK Simplified Chinese(Software Developers Kit of Optical Character Recognition)
          Size 30.02MB
          About OCR Pro, OCR is the full name of the optical character recognition technology(Optical Character Recognition,Referred to as OCR)。  [Long-mediated]
          Download Wencui OCR (Simplified Chinese) demo
          Name Wencui Embeded Server
          Size Actual objects
          About Wencui server embedded multi-task real-time embedded Linux software technology, and after a lot of selection and optimization of the set of websites (Web SERVER), mail / post office services (Mail SERVER), document upload / download service ( FTP SERVER), the database server (Mysql), the dynamic allocation of IP services (DHCP Server), firewall (Firewall), an integrated information-based business applications, and other functions, is a simple installation, high stability, easy maintenance, low investment The integration of small and medium enterprises intelligent network server.  [Long-mediated]
          On-line trial (The default username is admin, password is 123456. After entering, first in the upper right corner of the page to download documents to help readers.)
          Name Wencui Intellignet Marking Software
          Size 84.9M
          About Wencui Intellignet Marking Software is a fast intelligent grading system, which is based on image processing and pattern recognition products, high-tech information technology will be applied to traditional education, reform of the examination, to achieve the objective of the title automatically marking machines, Educational Testing achieved in the process of marking the scientific control marking error, marking a reduction of intermediate links and increase the scoring efforts of secrecy, so as to achieve fair and impartial manner, which not only improves the efficiency of marking, but also greatly enhanced A manual on the monitoring efforts have greatly reduced the marking errors. As the paper using ordinary paper, so to a large extent, the lower the test cost.  [Long-mediated]
          On-line trial
          Name Wencui Educational System
          Size 30M
          About Wencui Academic Management System is a day-to-day management of office as the central authority, through the introduction of data and functions of the authority of different departments and faculty members, students rights division in order to achieve information management services to work together office management platform. The OA office, educational administration, school management, hostel management, performance management, personnel management of teachers, video, VOD, Classmates Alumni, home school, and other day-to-day business Internet content management, the realization of the school day-to-day work of the office of the comprehensive management, Parents also share exchange, query platform, and standardize business processes, improvement in management and the quality of management, an accurate analysis of the decision-making to enhance the efficiency of the office.  [Long-mediated]
          On-line trial
          Tel:0773-5817909      Mail: