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        2. Index IntoWencui Products Case Cooperation Download Recruitment Chinese
          Merchants marking system
          Merchants Embedded
          Prior to joining co-operation process

          Cost-effective embedded server
          --Wensoft Web services platform

          Recruitment Agents

          • Low prices, so that you can afford

          Ultra-low price,for General server price of 1/4

          • Full-function:
          Integrated Web site、Mail、File Sharing、Firewall 、Network Places、VPN、CVS、Network Management,and so on.Can also be extended OA, CRM, and other management systems to address the worries of business investment.
          • Independent property rights, brand
          With independent intellectual property rights, took three years to build the products. Broad market prospect.
          • Unique innovation, a lot of technical advantages
          1、Quick Start in 10 seconds,one Click on the Restore,Maintenance-free installation.
          2、Small pocket、No heat,Easily into the strongbox.
          3、Ultra-low power 2W,Not afraid of Power failure,Refused to expensive high-power UPS.
          4、The original e-mail relay,Send and receive e-mail to ensure stability.
          5、A general account,all you need to manage a set of accounts, passwords.

          Merchants letter download



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