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          Wencui Intalligent Marking Software

          ——Technology and services to create a network marking

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          The first occupation of an exclusive right to operate,Shareing for Education Market's share


              The development of education in all types of standardized exams marking the reform process, fast and efficient computer on-line marking has been to replace the traditional manual papers, and the popular use of photovoltaic scoring system, although to a certain extent, increased the scoring rate, However, due to its high cost of paper, printing is not convenient, and can not comment subjective questions, and many other problems restricted the further development and application.
             "Wencui standardized intelligence test marking system" is against this background of the research and development, which is the international leader in a new generation of image-based character recognition technology platform for the products to achieve the objective of the system automatically marking title and the title of the subjective assessment network Volume statistics, functional analysis. Science control marking error, marking a reduction of intermediate links and increase the scoring efforts of secrecy, so as to achieve fair and impartial manner. It not only improves the efficiency of marking, but also greatly enhanced the monitoring of the manual, and greatly reduces the marking errors. Is the effective use of funding for education, saving the cost of education, examination and standardization of the urgent need for office automation.

          What are the advantages?

              Wencui company by virtue of a strong research and development, Wencui marking system is relatively similar products in the market have obvious advantages:
            Simple and flexible production of papers,Effective cost control.
          Accurate and high-speed of Network marking,Reduce the tremendous burden on teachers.
          Comprehensive and objective analysis,Easy to improve the quality of teaching.
          Enhance the adaptability of students.
          Objective reasons for led to the loss Score.

              In addition to these advantages,More importantly, "Wencui standardized intelligence test marking system" has been a very mature technology,has been successful in various cities of GuangXi by dozens of middle and high schools to use,For example:桂林中學、廣西師范大學第一附屬中學、桂林中山中學、桂林逸仙中學、桂林第五中學、欽州市第一中學、桂林市九中……Continue to praise,The social impact of expanding,As a secondary school teacher said: “In the past, marking a great amount of,Dragged on for a long time, A lot of pressure,the use of the Wencui's marking system,The feeling is very easy to use,Easy marking,I know every student's answer situation adn Point to master knowledge of the situation,I easily targeted to my teaching of the plan.”

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